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Powered by Foxconn, Sharp claim to be intimate to serve Chinese people


For the Chinese market, SHARP a foxconn company released series of new appliances on 23rd in Shanghai, air purifier equipped with ‘Plasmacluster’ technology is one of the major products.

In the year 2015, Sharp sold over 2,046,300 air purifiers worldwide and won best-selling of the year certification by Guinness.

“Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology is unique and popular in Japan. Plasmacluster is a proprietary Sharp technology that cleans the air by emitting positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions like those found in the natural world, suppressing the effects of airborne fungi, airborne bacteria, and other harmful substances”, according to sharp Official website.

Sharp  unveiled its new corporate motto, Be Original .

Sharp also released refrigerators, ultrasonic Cleaners, waterless Cooker and an air purifier with mosquito catch function. (TAO)


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