Skyworth’s brand-new LCD TV Q7 is about to rolls out in April

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Familiar with the Q7 model? It is not a SUV from Volkswagen car, but a TV from SKYWORTH.
Spring is the season when many new products will be launched. For example, Apple recently hosted it special event on 21st, March. In Aisa, celebrated TV manufacturer Skyworth is also preparing to unveil something new.
When you heard ‘Q7’, does it ring a bell? This isn’t the name that a kind of car belongs to Audi, but a brand-new TV which Skyworth is going to launch.
According to HEAUS, although ‘Q7’ is a member of LCD TV family, with ‘Pure lights’ technology, its image quality performance can be close to OLED TVs as much as you can image.
As one of the most significant forerunners in Chinese OLED field, Skyworth always has its own core technology which ahead the trend. Some media have exposed that Skyworth will launch wallpaper TV in April. (Tiffany)

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