SONY OLED TV Bravia A1 delivers sound directly from the screen

SONY released its OLED TV Bravia A1, which first showed on CES 2017, into China market. 65-inch A1 OLED TV priced at up to USD 5,200 (compare A1E model $6,499.99 in US), the lower size 55-inch priced at $3,600 ($6,499.99 in US).

As SONY’s flagship TV series, A1 uses 4K OLED Panel from LG display. Controlled by the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, OLED TV can create unprecedented contrast.

Unlike most TV speakers, Bravia A1’s sound comes from the entire screen which called Acoustic Surface technology.


Skyworth and LG are also OLED TV enthusiasts in China, but pricing is more competitive, 55-inch OLED TV from SKYWORTH only priced at USD 1,500.

Bravia TV is an independent department, split out from SONY in 2014, and heavily marginalized in China now days.

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