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TCL’s Internet TV brand FFALCON has been launched officially in Beijing

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM from Beijing Meeting young viewers’xpectation, the price of Internet TVs is much lower than ordinary LCD TVs but more resources in content available. That’s why Internet TVs have shown their power in recent years.

Yesterday, (29th March 30, 2017), the well-known Chinese electronics cooperation TCL Corp had unveiled its first Internet TV brand ‘FFALCON’ officially in Beijing, China.

Unlike the other Internet TV brands, which only put their focus on providing content to the consumers but neglect the significance of hardware at the meantime, the new-born TCL Internet TVs take the both seriously.

Many critics consider the new brand ‘FFALCON’ will make the Chinese Internet TV market competition fiercer than ever before by taking the hand of two web titans Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

‘FFALCON’starts with two same letters FF, the largest value in Hex, to be the best TV product.

Not only the content offer of ‘FFALCON’, but the high-tech equipment of the TV set can also be threatened to many Internet TV manufacturers. According to HEA.CN, except the 4K screen and High Dynamic Range is being equipped, voice control and smart definition is also involved in the brand-new Internet TVs. (Tiffany)

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