Netflix is expanding its business into China

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM A source says that Netflix Inc is working with AQIYI, a local video streaming site, to expand its business into China. Officially launched on April 22, 2010, iQIYI provides online video for china mainland users. 'Always Fun, Always Fine' is iQIYI's slogan. Today, iQIYI has become one of the largest video search... Continue Reading →

‘QLED TV’ should be called QD-LCD TV?

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM,Ten billion yuan, equivalent to 1.4 billion US dollars, it is the expected yearly sales of Quantum Dot TV for coming year in China. A conference called 'Quantum international forum' was held today in Beijing, as leader of the quantum dot TV market, TCL Hisense and Samsung attended the conference. But according to... Continue Reading →

TO BUY A PIECE OF TV no longer a wrong grammar

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM "a piece of TV" is no longer a wrong grammar,  following LG,  China TV brand SKYWORTH today showed off a "wallpaper TV"  in Beijing. SKYWORTH strikingly thin OLED TV referred to as "Wallpaper TV" creates the ultimate viewing experience, especially impressive colors and darks. Less than 4mm thickness, The screens are designed... Continue Reading →

The life of Chinese young people changed by using smart devices

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM From Dallas ‘Go to buy house in big cities' is becoming the primary topic of the current Chinese people. relative to the unrealized housing prices, young Chinese people working in main city are moving more affordable smart appliances into their rental apartments. “到大城市置业”正成为时下中国人津津乐道的首要话题,而相对于高不可及的房价而言,中国年青人正在将更多容易实现的智能电器搬回各自奋斗城市的出租屋里。 Smartphone which always online, smart TV which can watch... Continue Reading →

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