Everyone loves air conditioner, which can help us through heat summer and cold winter, some of them may also do the job to make our indoor air clean.

As artificial intelligence (AI) has been adopted in many field, some home appliances manufacturers are trying to make the two-different field combine to change our lives.

In China, artificial intelligence has been widely used in air conditioners. People can take to their conditioner if they like, or controlling the machine in voice.

CHANGHONG, one of the most popular leading manufacturers of home appliances in China, have released its latest voice-command air conditioner, it may also give you the opportunity to communicate to your AC naturally, by saying some undefined words such as ‘to cold’, ’to hot’, even if you have a special accent.

Moreover, you can still use your voice to make it operate within 6 meters, but your room can not be too noisy, or the AC may not get what you want.

The voice library will automatically update from the ‘cloud database’ through Internet.  (Tiffany)


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