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The life of Chinese young people changed by using smart devices


‘Go to buy house in big cities’ is becoming the primary topic of the current Chinese people. relative to the unrealized housing prices, young Chinese people working in main city are moving more affordable smart appliances into their rental apartments.


Smartphone which always online, smart TV which can watch streaming video, smart refrigerator which could order foods online, even voice commandable air-conditioner, smart devices weaved a private data web at each home nowadays.


No longer like the previous generation obsessed with international brands, young people in China are more willing to try local internet brand products to bring their pleasure experience. more and more traditional appliances brand is also changing the product strategy to acctract the attention of young consumers.


Unlike in the past, Televisions are no longer only for watching cable TV, smart TV with internet features are not only to watch subscriptions from website like Netflix, that can also use to chat, even share photos online to parents thousands of miles away, of Couse including playing video games with friends.


They are more willing to accept copyrighted original works, but do not mind to watch pirated overseas’ TV dramas and movies by destroy the principle, because the import copyrighted films from overseas are too rare each year.


volunteer translators update subtitles every day and repress the release onto the internet.


We are not sure that if we need to blame the young people who are eager to learn about foreign life from watching these movies. but at least it is official illegal.


Mobile payments are as easy as Americans use credit cards. You can rent a bike with less than 25 cents per hour by scanning a two-dimensional code, or pay for a cup of coffee.


They have even more smart devices than the number of Americans have, and more and more luxury.


The new generation is trying to synchronize with the world, even though they still lack the courage and condition, but it is undeniable that they are no longer the impression of foreigners’ old memories, and even they are catching up trends as same as the people in New York.


We write you this story about Chinese new generation ‘s life is not to boast how they are rich and trend, but that the current life is their irresistible choice.


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