BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Not everyone would feel easy to admit they’re gaining age, especially one who are over 60. They may be happy to lead an enjoyable life and do whatever they want like youngsters.

Nowadays, electrical appliances may become more and more intellectual also sophisticated, these appliances are no longer as easy as just press the ‘rewind’ or ‘stop’ key like before, which will cause some unpleasant.

You are being asked to understand the hundreds of pages of manuals first and have a clear idea what all the buttons are standing for before you start to use the TV remote controller. That’s a great deal of work.

There are two main methods to get the problem solved: voice control and remote keys reduction. But we all know that China is a vast country, similar as US, which means people live in this country may use dozens of different accents. For some product developers, they would not be happy to hear that.

Adapt to each accent may cost quite a lot of time and money, so that’s why simplify the remote controller has become the ideal solution. Apple TV’s remote only contains six buttons, all you need to make the rest of choices on the TV screen.

Moreover, such as TCL and SKYWORTH, ten buttons are the maximum on the smart TV remote. You may also found that in some premium models, a microphone is embedded inside the remote, which offer you the choices to use finger or voice in controlling the TV. Of course, they also designed a cartoon remote controller for kids.

With touch panels, the operation maybe less complicated. People are trying to use one device to get all the electrical appliances managed. For example, Google HOME is a quite good conception.

Smart appliances are born for making life more convenient not just to add some complex functions to them, some of them are not smart enough at all. (Tiffany)


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