TO BUY A PIECE OF TV no longer a wrong grammar

Ad by SkyworthUS


“a piece of TV” is no longer a wrong grammar,  following LG,  China TV brand SKYWORTH today showed off a “wallpaper TV”  in Beijing.

SKYWORTH strikingly thin OLED TV referred to as “Wallpaper TV” creates the ultimate viewing experience, especially impressive colors and darks.

Less than 4mm thickness, The screens are designed to affix walls, even paste on the ceiling if you like.

Pre-sale price of 65-inch Skyworth wallpaper TV is USD14,500, equivalent to buying a compact sedan in US.

Skyworth also unveiled 77-inch “Wallpaper OLED TV” S9E and Nano color display technology Q serises TVs.

Unfortunately,  HEAUS has not been invited to the conference.


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