BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM,Ten billion yuan, equivalent to 1.4 billion US dollars, it is the expected yearly sales of Quantum Dot TV for coming year in China.

A conference called ‘Quantum international forum’ was held today in Beijing, as leader of the quantum dot TV market, TCL Hisense and Samsung attended the conference.

But according to anonymous insiders, it is just a commercial meeting supported by Samsung, to promote its QLED concept.

In fact, QLED is not as the same as Quantum Dots, Samsung is trying to blur them.

The real definition of QLED is Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes, Like OLED, the real QLED for TV is self-luminous technology which still in the lab.

We are not saying that QLED is not good, but ‘QLED’ should be called QD-LCD TV right now.

Whatever it is called QD-LCD or the QLED TV, all quantum dot technology TV will eventually improve to self-luminous in the future, but may be up to ten years.

QD-LCD is facing a new competition which is called NANO COLOR, supported by another Korean company LGD.  (Todd)


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