Almost every family would like to purchase an air-conditioner to manipulate the indoor temperature, which can make us feel cool in summer and get warmth in winter. As a matter of fact, that’s not the only two jobs your air conditioning is capable of.

Nowadays, the role your air-conditioner may play actually can surpass everyone’s expectation. Not only can you guys have the chance to communicate to it by speaking instead of typing, with a Bluetooth wireless speaker, this machine can offer you the music you appreciate; can monitor your house when people absent; it can also enhance your WiFi connection in the corner.

During some wet days, you can get rid of the damp by using your air conditioning. When the outdoor air quality is poor, you do not want to continue the sufferance at home, the filters installed in the AC may help a lot.

In China, is a big challenge for most of us to do the cooking, when is burning hot period. Therefore, some AC manufacturers have released the kitchen AC to the market, they more than just reduce the temperature, but could be used as exhaust hood too.

Leading ten million families to a healthier life per year, that’s what the up-to-date TCL ACs are aiming at. (Tiffany)


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