Since the invention of TVs, people have changed their ways during spare time. They would like to spend much more time just sitting there and watching the screen. So, a vivid word called ’sofa potato’ often used to describe the one who keep eating potato chips while staring at the TV.

We all admitted that the long time spent on TVs is bad for health, it can be harmful not only to your eyes but also to your weight. However, many of them find it difficult to clean up this action.

How could we magnify the advantages and alleviate the shortcomings of TVs?

Let TVs become a tutor to kid, is the way some Chinese TV manufacturer decided to choose. With many educational recourse is being added to the appliance, children can learn anything they are interested through this black box.

Documentary may help them widen their horizon; study videos give them the opportunity to solve difficult problems in school classes. One parent gave a thumbs up to the latest educative TVs, thought it may increase children’ enthusiasm in learning new things.

Both TVs and tutors, that’s the role modern television plays.


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