Humans are visual.

Not for sarcasm, we all in fond of something beautiful, pretty and elegant. That’s why many movie stars, singers, bands can earn their names around the world, which also can be the reason that some cooperation like to use the strategy called ‘celebrity effect’ in order to sell more products and gain more profit.

For example, some household electrical appliances manufacturers would probably invite famous people to make endorsement deals with them, such as Jackie Chan, who became spokesman of a Chinese air conditioning production company in 2014, and will be kept his Spokesperson status until 2027. That sounds a bit crazy, for this together work really can last for 12 years?

Except to consider having movie stars as product endorser, some celebrated sportsmen, sportswomen and team can be selected to advertise as well, particularly when important games are being hold. Many Chinese electronic business firm would like to use cartoon animals in their logo, in order to gain more fun.

However, celebrity endorsements may turn bad and have some negative effect somehow. The public will support and remember the product because the celebrity feature, but the interest would not translate into brand loyalty. That’s mean, if the celebrity and the brand decide to end their partnership, the opportunity that buyers abandon the brand will be huge.

The opposite effect of celebrity endorsements may also arose when their spokespersons make some mistakes, their image will be scandalized. Especially in China, the brand must be careful not to choose the mouthpiece who may be involve in political affairs in the future. In 2016, one well-known actress is reported trapped in securities scandal, some comments consider this is one step in Chinese political great purge.


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