It’s 10th May, Beijing time, at the conference of “play more fun “, the Storm TV announced the new AI TV—-X5 ECHO.

Storm TV CEO Yaoping Liu expressed his view on the conference. He said that combining the technology and the insights of human nature, and making the best products and services are the mission of Storm TV.

Liu also said that the X5 ECHO’s inspiration came from the smart phones which loved by the people all over the world. And he thought that the TV industry should take smart phones as the model.

He putted forward three key points about how to manufacture the best TV and provide high quality service.

In the speech, we can know the three ways was equipping TV with any trigger service, realizing the free switch of TV in multi-tasking and making the TV service rich enough.

He thought the technology of AI would be the best element which can make these effort come true.

So, after the deep development in AI, Storm TV launched the AI TV which named X5 ECHO. Without remote control, the flow of information and accuracy of calculation are the most obvious features of X5 ECHO.

The X5 ECHO’s supporting technology is called the storm big ears. In this press conference, the staff also demonstrated the storm big ear’s AI scenario services.

If you have the X5 ECHO, you can watch TV without remote control and you just need to say “storm big ears”. It would identify your ideas in seconds .What’s more, it can also response quickly even in sleep state.

The X5 ECHO can select the program according people’s order, it can also control the speed or the voice of the program, and provide music which matches the environment.

There are some other functions of the X5 ECHO .Such as content reminder, the plan of cheat, information query, message board and so on.

At the end of the conference, Liu expressed his confidence in X5 ECHO .He hoped X5 ECHO may afford happy experience for every family.


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