Not only store food but can be your own butler, what would modern intellectual refrigerators capable of?

Which appliance could be the most hard-working machine in your house? As far as most people concerned, the refrigerators may get the prize.

Since they came to your home, kept busy, stay online all day, they won’t even take a day off all year round. All they want is simple, just to keep your food fresh.

Except storing things we eat, the latest intellectual refrigerators can do many things we may consider beyond our imagination.

First, it could be controlled by voice. If you like, you can ask the refrigerator to seek for menus, show you the weather forecasts. Especially when the food is running out, it may order more for the family.

What’s more, some of them have installed a camera inside, which offer us a clear awareness about what we have, without opening doors and letting some cold air escape.

When we talking about ‘FOOD’, the expiration date is the most significant factor that couldn’t be avoided. Some refrigerators may also remind us the best date of them, makes the food we eat fresh and healthy.

Not only to store food, but can be your house keeper, that’s what refrigerators capable of in present days.


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