​Televisions could be the most popular appliance and have the most owners all around the world. This metal box have some magic power, which can be an open door to the world for us. 

While westerners purchase it just for fun and relax, in China, they are actually playing different roles in households. Sometimes, it may be seen as a symbol of your financial situation. The people in China consider it as a necessity but not only an entertainment. 

In most Chinese families’ cognition, living room are aiming at welcoming guests, and they always feel thrilled to make their relatives and friends come by. When they arrived, food and snacks are well-prepared, and the TV remain switched on, the sound from TV makes the room more comfortable and also build a friendly atmosphere for the guests. 

If your house is decorating with a large-size television, that may cost you a large amount of money. However, Chinese will probably think you are successful in your occupation on the other hand, and they would show you some respect, well, to many of them, that’s the goal they want to achieve.

Chinese love television, but the reasons are varied. 


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