Samsung Electronics plans to purchase TV panels from LGD

In the TV LCD panel market, Samsung and LGD were 17% and 28.9% share of the world’s first and second place. For a long time, SDI and LGD have maintained a positive competition relationship.


However, last year, SDP, a SHARP sub company, stop supply panel to Samsung anymore, that means will cut off about 2 million to 3 million units, in order to ensure the stability of global TV shipments, Samsung have to re-select suppliers between the old rival LGD and panel factory of China.

The latest news said that Samsung and LGD reached a preliminary agreement, by the end of this year, Samsung will buy about 70 million LCD panels from LGD, this purchase intention is likely to be further expanded next year.

analysts believe that this is the first time that two Korean companies cooperated together to against competition from China. (HEAUS)

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