BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM  Our lives were changed by mobile phones, especially the smart ones. Smart phones may lead us to a life which is full of convenience and joy, but is also make us feel worried that many of us cannot keep a normal life without it.

As the number of people holding smart phones getting bigger, in order to gain more market share, some particular groups who may too young or old to use a smart phone, are neglected by most of the phone manufacturers. But this also means, the specific market is positive in prospect.

For the younger generation, although they grew up on technology, the appropriate age to have smart phones is when they are at least the 8th grade, said by a national online pledge. Unfortunately, parents still give their kids smartphones to keep them in touch.

Is children having a smart phones necessary?

Not really.

According to the research, we can make it clear that there is phones that designed for kids. It may be light enough to be worn, no internet, testing or camera, and it also contain GPS for parents to locate the phone. When something urgent happens, kids can press the SOS button to gain emergency services.

The exact same situation is taking place among the seniors. Smart phones are too sophisticated for them to use, and many of them do not have the desire to social on line.

For them, the suitable phone may be the one which is easy to dial, have a large conspicuous SOS button, with loud ringtone and speaker to answer the call instead of touchscreens or digital menus.

There is no doubt that smart phones did change the way we are living, but not everyone has to get one if it is benefit your life.


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