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[Alipay wants to bring its mobile payment to Japan]

In China, paying without cash is usual. The two main payments in this country is WeChat Pay and  Alipay. But situation may not be the same in other country such as Japan, which is one of the most popular countries among Chinese tourists.

In order to cater to the need of Chinese sightseers, Alipay hopes to export this cashless payment trend to Japan. In the spring of 2018, the payment services aiming to Japanese may start to offer.

[Tencent may enter the smart armband market? ]

Recently, Pacewear, one Chinese smart armband company have released it latest trailer on Weibo, showing that a new product may be launched in a short time.

However, people were accidently found out that Tencent’s logo was appeared. That cause much guesses. Some say if Tencent and Pacewear work together, the brand-new armband will focus on the social services it can provide.

[Google Home allows you to get free phone calls]

Users in the US and Canada, you can make free phone calls with your Google Home. According to the latest news, owners of this smart device can call business listed in Google Maps or people in Google Contract with a simple command and without paying any costs.

It can also make the combination of Google Contact’s relationship knowledge and its multi-user support, which means you can say the command as” Google, call my dad”.


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