BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM from LA, The market of TV in US is not much bigger than other countries, but as a major also the most competitive market around the world, North America has its own special role to play among the companies develop strategy. That means, if TV manufacturers of China want to enhance their internationalization process, North America market is the right place where they must to conquer successfully.

In the past two years, Chinese TV manufacturers HISENSE and TCL have successfully entered the US TV consumer market, while another world-class TV brand skyworth is hovering outside. Until today, TV products of skyworth only appear in the commercial display area in US.

Skyworth Group, a famous Chinese high-tech company which was established in 1988, which is also noted for its excellent performance in developing and manufacturing of all kinds of consumer electronics. SKYWORTH has sold nearly 20 million television products to the world in the past 12 months.

One of rumor said Skyworth Group about to announce that it will access the U.S. consumer market officially in a short time.

Today a new website under construction was detected,, which could mean Skyworth is about to officially ring the uncle Sam’s door. From those unfinished web pages, a rough idea may start to form that Skyworth is aiming the high-end electronic market in US. not only TVs, but also washers and refrigerators.


Well, firstly, the televisions they are preparing to release include UHD TV, FHD TV and the most advanced TV, OLED. All TVs we have mentioned can offer incredible image, and an immersive watching experiences as well. Previously, Chinese brands were usually sold low-end products, this time, it is completely different.

What’ more, to launch and only launched televisions without other appliances, may considered the easiest way for most of the TV companies in entering the U.S. market. However, it is astonishing to find out that Skyworth Group would like to bring more products (washing machine and refrigerator) to the U.S. at the same time.


According to insiders, more professional team which is capable at marketing and advertising are landing North America.

If you want to buy a better TV or refrigerator or a washing machine this Christmas, maybe you need to remember this new brand right now, SKYWORTH. (HEAUS)


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