In May this year, Microsoft officially released a new generation of notebook -Surface Laptop in New York, Which is different from any other computer products that Microsoft released previously. Rather than the previous one whose screen keyboard detachable two-in one notebook, Surface Laptop is a laptop with true meaning

The version of this laptop has three colors, including the deep red wine, gray cobalt blue and graphite gold. Its keyboard is made by a soft, durable Alcantara material , which is in contrast to the shell of the metal texture, this special keyboard has some advantages, such as to prevent splashing; to anti-stain and moisture and more easy to take care. At the same time, in order to improve the comfort and accuracy of typing, the typing experience of the Surface Laptop has been optimized, associating with the reaction of sensitive large-size touched and soft palm rest, will achieve a comfortable typing experience utmost.

On the other hand, its weight is only 1.25kg, with which is easy to take.

Equipped with the seventh generation of Intel Core Duo processor, Surface Laptop has a long battery life with 14.5 hours, which could meet the user a day of office, entertainment needs. After closing the screen, the sleep state will no longer consume power.

However, it is said that this laptop is the most difficult to split. The well-known dismantling person-iFixit has been dismantling this product evaluation, and its final score is 0 points. It completely unable to open and restore prototype without breaking the key components. So if it is broken, it only can be change.

And as mentioned in the text, Surface Laptop is light and portable, but just because of this, there is no reserved space for users to DIY, some users are unsatisfied with this.

Moreover,if you want to increase the configuration by the way of external storage, there is no much possibility to achieve in Surface Laptop. Surface Laptop is not equipped with Thunderbolt3 or USB-C interface, so it can not connect with high-performance external hard drives and graphics cards and other configurations.

Just as every coins has two sides, Surface Laptop has both advantages and disadvantags. And what is your idea, do you think this Laptop is consistent with its price?


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