BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Few people know the Double Seventh Festival actually. And what’s the Double Seventh Festival meaning?

In fact, the Double Seventh Festival is the Chinese Valentine’s festival, it mainly tell about a beautiful love story of the Chinese legend. The content of this story is very moving.

The main characters of the story are the cowherd and the Girl Weaver. One accident chance, the cowherd met the Girl Weaver when the Girl Weaver was playing in the river with her sisters after they came down from the heaven.

The cowherd walked by the river and saw the beautiful clothes of the fairies on the shore, so he took one of them. When the fairies were about to back to the heaven ,the youngest could not find her clothes. After the other fairies flying away, the youngest fairy was very sad and started to cry.

So ,the cowherd suggested that take the girl to his home. Because the cowherd took care of the fairy so well, she fell in love with him and married him.

But, The Sun God of the fairy’s father was didn’t agree their marriage. And he took his youngest daughter away from her husband. so, the cowherd was on the earth ,the fairy was stayed in the heaven. And they could only see each other once a year on July 7th on the lunar calendar.

Every year on July 7th,the birds [magpie] will make a bridge for the two to walk on , the Chinese called the bridge ” Magpie Way”. And the couple could meet on it once a year.

In order to commemorate the moving love story ,the Chinese so viewed the day on July 7th as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

According to the news ,this year was the eleventh year of the Double Seventh Festival of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage. All places pay great attention to it.

Among the celebrations, what deserve to be mentioned is the Chinese style prayer. Such as the Pray for the villain Festival, sacrifice and so on.

Gift giving is also an important way to the lovers to spend the special day. The young usually like the Romantic gifts such as the flowers and candles. The elder usually choose the gift with a breath of life, like the steak or sweeper robot.


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