BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM August 28th, MI TV made a statement that they will make an adjustment of the TV prices.

Relevant person in charge has explained for the reasons of the reduction in the prices. Because of the stock and the downward trend in prices, brand didn’t have a good job of the stock in the busy season. So the prices of the panel has continued to fall, especially the large size panels.

But , on account of the demand for the export stock , consumer’s demand of 43 inches or the small had recovery , accordingly ,the prices have declined slightly.

The following are the detailed information of every inches’ prices .

TV of the 32 inches have kept a balance of supply and demand, and the price dropped by $1. It is estimated that this phenomenon will keep a month in the September.

During the inches from the 39.5 to the 43, owing to the demand of the export and the price’s sharp decline of the panel, the panel kept a price down by $5 . A forecast said that the TV of this range would continue a fall of $5.

The news of the 49-50 inches were not bad, 49 inches kept a stable production capacity and the price decline of $5. Supply of the 50” continued to increase, and its prices have kept a fall of $9 in August. The words said that it will keep a fall of $7 in the September and narrow the spread with 49”.

Because of the oversupply, the 55” TV’s price has fell $10. It predicted that it will fall $10.

For the large size, brand’s stock is still too high, the supply is over the demand. Such as the 65”,its price has fell $15 in August, and this phenomenon will last for a month in the next month.



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