BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM, Berlin On August 30, 2017, Germany’s METZ Consumer Electronics GmbH, a Skyworth company, held its new product presentation in the exhibition hall at IFA in Berlin Germany, introduced the product lineup that will be on exhibit at the event, including the new METZ TV set incorporating the latest OLED technology.

The company unveiled its unique split-type OLED TV, Wallpaper, and showcased its Novum OLED TV and Android smart TVs.


One of the highlights that METZ showcased at the product presentation is the new OLED TV, Wallpaper! The split-type TV set is comprised of two units, the OLED screen which is the visual part and a host machine which houses all of the operative components. The two parts are connected via a thin wire, which is fully hidden from view inside the wall of the home to create an invisible effect, with the TV set, in all appearances, looking like a mural that is suspended on the wall. The TV set incorporates the OLED screen, at a miraculously thin 3.65mm. The screen is attached to a toughened glass rear panel that is fastened to the wall, creating a perfect ultra-thin visual effect.

OLED has the best picture quality available. It does not need a backlight, as each pixel is independent from the other in terms of light and shading, delivering an incomparable screen display contrast, visual angle and movement-picture response. Conventional LCD screens glow through the backlight, which emits harmful blue light with wavelengths ranging from 415nm to 455nm, while, with the OLED screen, each pixel precisely emits the light with the wavelengths needed through imaging, reducing the blue light that is not only an irritant but also harmful to human eyes.


At the new product presentation, METZ also displayed its award-winning Novum OLED TV. With a UHD 3D OLED screen, a best-in-class audio system, the unique Metz Tri-Star operating concept, 1TB digital video recorder, an elegant rotatable metal base, and an additional OLED display for displaying channels and time, the TV set is a premium, flagship product of METZ. METZ has also collaborated with Google to incorporate the world’s most powerful Android smart TV system with the richest content and the best experience into its products, and, as a result, launched its latest Android TV series of flagship smart TV sets. METZ’s portfolio also includes Topas and Planea, two high-end UHD HDR TV series, and the entry-level 4K series.

Following two years of planning, METZ returns to the spotlight with a fresh start. OLED is a future-oriented display technology, and one of the most exciting future topics in the TV set industry. The technology, with few manufacturers adopting it currently, is expected to inject new vitality into the METZ brand. (TAO)


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