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【Facebook pushed out the Watch Video service: Benchmarking YouTube】

This Thursday , Facebook have pushed out the Watch Video service for American users. It’s also allowed that the users submit the plan of the video production, the main idea is to help Facebook to compete with YouTube for advertising revenue.

It is said that Facebook began to test the Watch Video service in the early August, users could watch the movies which were from VOX, Buzzfeed, Discovery Communications, A&E Networks and so on.

According to sources, Facebook will pay the short video $10 thousand to $35 thousand and pay the highest $250 thousand for long videos.

The vice president of cooperation, Dan Rose said that Facebook don’t have the plan which will put the purchase content as the core business. He also said that Facebook will open this platform to everyone so that they can submit the videos easily, authors can get 50% of the AD revenue.

【Jeff Immelt has exited the race for CEO】

Uber’s board of directors will vote on a two – month CEO candidate in the near future. At this key moment, GE, the current chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt of the company, announced the withdrawal from the Uber competition through twitter.

It is said that Jeff Immelt has felt tired of the problems of the Uber’s board such as the endless internal strife, especially the lawsuit between the major shareholder , Benchmark  and the founder ,  Travis Kalanick .

He said that directors lack the consciousness of putting the company first.

【WeChat WeStore store opened in Guangzhou】

WeStore has opened in Guangzhou on August 28. WeStore is not only the WeChat brand image store, but also a small program under the official line of shopping experience shop, you will get the newest goods about the WeChat.

WeStore product line mainly includes the classic series, IP series, covering stationery, daily necessities, electronic products and cross-border joint products. Including WeChat, WeChat, tensile pillow Keychain WeChat postcards, WeChat photo, WeChat style with obvious elements, to attract users. WeStore through the entire process of small capacity to achieve the next line of purchase, payment and delivery.

However, WeStore, the only brand image store that displays and sells WeChat products, is currently open only to internal staff and visitors.



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