China’s first full-color 5.2 inches flexible AMOLED screen developed by Skyworth’s subsidiaries debuts at IFA 2017. Staying at the frontier of TV technology is one of the drivers behind Skyworth Group’s continuous improvement in performance.

This product heralds a breakthrough flexible AMOLED display sector and comes equipped with the most advanced flexible display technology in the world.


At present, only a few well-known enterprises – such as JDI, LGD, BOE, etc. can produce this flexible OLED screen, and most of products are still in the laboratory stage.

In the future, flexible screens can be used in smart phones, watches, automotive displays and special occasions.

One of Chinese TV manufacturer leaders Skyworth showcased its full line of smart household appliances at IFA 2017 in Berlin, demonstrating its achievements and enhanced presence in the smart home sector.

Skyworth also displayed the newest OLED exhibit lineup,  a smart TV named W8,  split- and folding-type incorporates the OLED screen, at a miraculously thin 3.65mm.


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