As one of the world’s largest consumer electronics and consumer electronics shows, Since its inception, IFA has been attracting excellent consumer electronics manufacturers and media from all over the world. As the IFA is in full swing, consumer electronics manufacturers and the media of all walks of life will enjoy the feast of this technology. All kinds of home appliance products come together to show their respective elegant demeanour, attracting thousands of visitors.1

This year, the Chinese companies like TCL, Haier, CHANGHONG, Skyworth have made appearances in the IFA, highlighting China’s “intellectual development”. Meanwhile, SONY and Panasonic as IFA the most expectant booths from Japan every year, also with the consummate craft and advanced technology to conquer consumers from all over the world. And, as the representative brand of South Korean that would never miss a single technology, Samsung still was one of the most watched exhibitors at the IFA show. Each year, Samsung always brings a new and subversive products to the IFA show.

The TV product is undoubtedly the main character in all electronic consumer products, and also attracts the long time of the audience to watch. The competition between OLED TV and quantum dot TV has been continuing, and the competition between the two camps has been more intense on the big stage of the IFA show.YN7M571034FU_06_600

At the same time, the site is also attracting the attention of China’s first full-color, flexible AMOLED display screen produced by the investment company Skyworth. The product has achieved zero breakthrough in Chinese flexible AMOLED display field, which represents the highest level of technology in the field of Chinese flexible display.

When artificial intelligence becomes a hot topic, TCL introduced three new product with artificial intelligence systems to the world, which named X6, C5 and P6, have earned a lot of attention.

In addition, as the founder of OLED technology, LG’s latest OLED TV W7 appearance, quality and sound quality experience, are beyond the traditional TV standard in people impression. And BRAVIA OLED A1 TV as the representative of SONY’s return to OLED technology, did well at the exhibition. Its groundbreaking design is the most perfect of all SONY’s current products.

For daily diet problems, kitchen products naturally become a major concern. Galanz, the famous kitchen appliance brand, take all of his best white home appliances join the exhibition. These include the latest high-end microwave ovens, intelligent pure steam stove, steam cellar oven, multi-functional dishwasher, and a host of health kitchen appliances. In the same time, with the excellent professional intelligence and innovative brand strategy, Vatti earn two important award named the Technical Innovation Award and “The most innovative household appliance brand in 2017”.

White home appliance besides some kitchen electric product, there also have freezer and washing machine. For freezer, how to keep the food fresh is an unchanging problem, and it is also a difficult problem that manufacturers are trying to explore. In 2017 IFA, F+ freezer from Haier, its original MSA technology can delay the oxidation, aging and deterioration of food materials. And TCL’s first integrated variable frequency cooling technology has been used to solve problems such as uneven refrigeration, high energy consumption and high noise.

With the focus on health topics, people have made higher demands on washing machines. The Haier Duo Dry washing machine, which is launched under the pain point of consumers, has a one-piece design, which has a large number of two rollers to solve the problem of cross-contamination in the laundry process that people are worried about.


As one of the most visible exhibitors, Samsung has launched a washing machine with artificial intelligence (AI) and QuickDrive technology. The QuickDrive technology is said to be able to reduce the total amount of laundry from 70 minutes to 39 minutes.

Air conditioning market in 2017 ended with a perfect ending. CHANGHONG and TCL have launched their own new air conditioning products and have received favorable reviews, however many rational industry that fiery behind is contained in the “weather” sales surge problem of low end products and high energy consumption, it is only through real product upgrade can impress consumers.

Now, “Chinese wisdom” is gradually going out, and the power of Asia is becoming more prominent.


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