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【Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to allow AI developers to switch frames】

This Thursday,Microsoft and Facebook announced the creation of an open neural network (ONNX) format. The format currently supports Facebook’s version 2, Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit and PyTorch three open source frameworks that allow AI developers to switch between them.

The AI framework provides a roadmap for developers to know how their applications will learn from the training data provided to these models. Once the application is correct, they become powerful tools.  ONNX will allow developers to easily switch to different frameworks in their applications, or to use multiple frameworks at the same time to train different parts of the application. Ideally, this will encourage more developers are starting to develop artificial intelligence model in its application, because they know, select a frame in the beginning, if there are any bottlenecks, you can quit at any time.

Facebook announced the new initiative in a blog post, saying that “interoperability between different frameworks, simplifying the path from research to production, will help improve the pace of innovation in the artificial intelligence community.”

【Goldman Sachs: China AI technology is fast to catch up with the United States, BAT will be the first beneficiary】

According to Goldman Sachs, a new report shows that China has the resources and have ambitious top-down plan, may be in the next few years by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create intelligent economy.

In this report, “the rise of Chinese artificial intelligence”, Goldman Sachs says that the world’s second largest economy China has been a major global contender for the use of artificial intelligence for economic growth. While the United States is often considered the leader in artificial intelligence, other countries are catching up. China, which has Internet giants such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, is one of them.

Goldman said it expected China’s so-called BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) to be beneficiaries in the initial stages of artificial intelligence development. This is because these companies have a large and unique set of data and have enough resources to exploit the technology.

【”Spiderman” customized AR special effects with Mei Pai】

One of the world’s most famous IP addresses, “spider-man: the return of the hero”, co-produced by Columbia pictures and marvel studios, was released on September 8. For advertising, Marvel launched the first spider-man custom AR video special effects with Mei Pai. In the special effects, fans not only can easily get the same frame with the spider man, but also help fan free ideas through the functions such as “drama” and “different background”.


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