BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Are you an animal lover, especially in fond of having cats, dogs, and other lovely fuzzy small animal? If you are, preparing stuffs for them then will make you feel that you’re incredibly a great owner, not just food, beds, houses and toys.
But, could you ever image that, your pets can have their ‘personal’ electrical home appliance?
According to the observation of HEAUS, we found that many pets do have their appliances at home. Most of them may feed the pet when owners are absent or went to work, it can provide fresh drinking water (use activated carbon to make water keep clean), it can also replace cat litter automatically.
Most impressive, the devices designed for pets, somewhen, may probably save owners lives. Dogs operate tablets seem strange, but if the owner is in trouble, your dog can press this special tablet to connect the emergency apartment, then the professionals may arrive your home and give the help you need.
As far as many people concerned, pets are not only animals but more like our family member, that’s why, well, it’s really bizarre to buy your dog a smart device?


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