To understand the world in a better, wiser way, that’s the news you won’t want to miss. 

[Apple unveiled its new products]

Well, I know the whole world is still talking about the latest iPhone, but I’m not going to miss it.

iPhone X (ten) is considered to be the most expensive iPhone series product in its history, $999, the price may compel us to think about one question: what is the purpose to have a smart phone, is there really have some connection between leading a happy life and having a super high class phone?

Almost everyone’s attention is on iPhone X, but Apple also released its iPhone 8 smart phone. If we want to tell the differences from appearance, and confirm which one is iPhone 8 and which is 7, it could be very frustrated.

[Daimler wants to explore the quick charging technology of electric vehicle]

People are getting familiar with electric vehicles nowadays. Many of them prefer to purchase this kind of cars as long as their charging problems can be resolved. We can assure that if the battery issue is no more one, the proportion of electric vehicles may increase rapidly.

StoreDot, an Israeli startup, which have claimed that its FlashBattery technology can charge electric vehicles in five minutes, have gained $60 million dollar investment from the owner of Mercedes, Daimler.

According to StoreDot, if it’s completely charged, its batteries can allow an electric vehicle to go for more than 300 miles.

[Jingdong eyes unmanned mini supermarket]

Cashier-less convenience stores are no more just conceptual in China. Even the number of them can tell us that they’re far from popular, is true that we actually could buy something in this kind of unmanned stores.

Jingdong is also aiming at the unmanned field. It’s going to open unmanned mini supermarkets in the future, to meet the requirement of retail among offices.

This unmanned stores can provide snacks, afternoon tea and breakfast for staffs who working in the building.


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