BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM  What’s shared economy? Generally, it means transferring the right to use something temporarily without changing its ownership. There is no doubt that it’s a good way to improve resource utilization, and a lot of people can benefit from it. With the popularity and development of the internet, from the house, the car to the knowledge, the content of sharing is getting more and more, and this concept is becoming more and more popular.

Nowadays, there are so many bicycles with various colors for sharing on the road, for example, ofo has launched about six million bicycles in 100 cities in four countries around the world. At the same time, so many products such as car, power bank, umbrella, basketball also join the ranks of sharing.

On the one hand, people can use something their needed with less cost, and it brings a lot of convenience for people. The most important thing is that people can make a good use of these kind of products.

But on the other hand, with so many products for sharing, there still some problems, take the bikes for example, because there are so many bikes on the road, and people can park them anywhere, which increase the traffic congestion. What’s more, people didn’t cherish these kinds of products and even damage them because these products don’t belong to them. Also, it has reported that these shared products often disappeared when they were launched into the market for a short time. And how to control these kinds of situation is a new problem.

However, as the coin has two sides, shared economy has both advantages and disadvantages, and there is no denying people will benefit from these products if they use them in a proper way.

by shalom


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