BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM  As we know, China has a large population in the world. Someone may be curious about the situation in china, such as the simple one: whether the Chinese have TV?

In fact , as a single country, china has the largest television station in the world. With the development of economy, it’s easy for Chinese to afford a TV. A cheaper TV may just cost a person one or two month’s pay, and the more expensive one may cost a quarterly salary. Watching TV is an indispensable lifestyle just as eating and sleeping in china.

Actually, Chinese people attach importance to the size of TV. TV is not only an appliance equipment for fun, but also a representative of status. They would rather spend more money to buy a TV with large size than buy a small one with less money.

Also, the demand of china’s consumer for hardware is far greater than the global consumption level. There are all kinds of TV in Chinese market, and the manufacturers are committed to produce more unique TV to attract consumers’ attention. What’s more, internet TV allow Chinese people to see a lot of programs without monthly rent.

However, with the development of science and technology, there are more and more things for fun. It’s true that nowadays young people aren’t willing to watch TV , because they find something more interesting for fun, such as cooking, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

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