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News of week ( 9.18-9.22.17)


To understand the world in a better, wiser way, that’s the news you won’t want to miss.

【The trouble of internet TV:struggle to usher in the second half 】

With the rapid development of the internet , internet TV is not only a channel for users to update knowledge, but also a transformation of living room life. Internet TV began in 2012, one of its tasks is to let the traditional TV completely disappear from the living room. There was no doubt that internet TV had good sales in the first few years, however, in recent months, the sales of internet TV are not optimistic . rising in raw material prices, the fierce competition, and too many brands may exacerbate the elimination of the industry.

【Pre-sale is not good ,the Chinese version of the iphone 8 fell below the issue price】

According to the reports, iphone’s share fell 3 percent, and its market value returns to 800 billion below two days ago. The only reason for this is that the pre-sale of iphone is so bad.

As someone said, since the reservation was started last Friday, the predetermined amount of iphone 8 and 8 plus are so disappointing. There are several reasons why consumers aren’t interested in the iphone 8, such as lack of innovation, the expensive price and the release of the iphone X.

Although the hardware of iphone 8 has upgraded a lot, it seems no much difference between the two generations of iphones. Especially the release of the iphone X, which have a lot of innovation such as a new appearance and  OLED display. Many customers would rather spend much money to buy iphone X.

【The China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) 2017】

2017 SINOCES is held in Qingdao International Exhibition Centre on September 22-25 , it is combined with the upstream and downstream industry resources, promote development of animation and other related industries. At the same time, promote technical services for enterprises to focus on virtual reality and augmented reality and other fields, enhance service capabilities, and speed up the transformation and upgrading. In the context of the digital economy, SINOCES provides a more open strategy platform for gaming industry manufacturers, promotes the gaming industry exchanges, cooperation, learning and other directions to play a good service and the role of the organizers.

In addition, this year’s exhibition is expected to have 70,000 people arrived at the scene, a huge scale of the exhibition and experience groups will be reflected here. people look forward to seeing more innovation about all kinds of industries at SINOCES this year.

by shalom

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