On September 25, the four-day 2017 SINOCES was end in the international port city which was known as “Oriental Switzerland” . It has held 16 sessions in China and it is the only international fair of consumer electronics that is approved by the state council. But it is not the focus of this article. The focus is on the large local company which is from “Oriental Switzerland”.


The exhibition has become a “special tour” for the Chinese integrated appliance giant. It is the world’s first IOT set kitchen appliances series,the world’s first brand of white electric Haier.


On the 2017 SINOCES , Haier kitchen appliance profession relying on the wisdom of kitchen appliance products, as well as the American professional kitchen of GE Appliances, Casarte art kitchen, Haier intelligent kitchen, almost covering all of the current Chinese kitchen electric industry’s development path, The ambition of it is to build a kitchen electric kingdom.


In fact, Haier has demonstrated its kitchen products in 2016 IFA, competing with European brands. Now Haier’s strategic results is showing that it is changing the pattern of the world’s kitchen appliances market.


Haier is considered a global brand from China, it has six electricity appliance brand from all over the world , and it has 10 biggest research center of the world, 200 million user groups from five continents, the world’s largest Mabe, DCS, GE factory, etc.

Analysts believe that the domestic traditional kitchen electric market will be terminated by Haier.


Perhaps you won’t believe this fact, since China’s modern kitchen history have only 30 years, so the development of Chinese cooking tools is relatively backward. The development of modern kitchen appliances in China originated from a lampblack machine imported from Germany . Since then, Chinese cooking tools have been called “Kitchen Appliances” . Haier is one of the companies that have transformed China’s kitchen industry into high-end markets as AI technology has matured worldwide.

What are the appliances in the time of IoT? Not hard to find The strategy from haier . Every smart home appliance in the chef’s electricity is the intelligent terminal of the kitchen, also the control center, the refrigerator, the lampblack machine, the kitchen and other products can also offer the service to the user at the same time. Haier’s kitchen and electric products are integrated into the east and west, providing professional kitchen appliances for users of different nationalities, regions of the world.

So what’s the quality standard of product ? Haier considers it a “user experience”. In addition, this time, Haier ,with various authorities will launch the establishment of Chinese kitchen standards in China, and the future appearance of the world’s kitchen appliances will be modeled by Haier’s kit.

Zhang Ruimin, the founder of Haier, once said, “it is up to The Times to change the traditional business model.” Similarly, why Haier’s IOT set kitchen appliances strategy can overturn traditional kitchen power, is also decided by The Times. IOT set kitchen appliances strategy.

What is the future of kitchen appliances? Haier considers it is a smart kitchen which is connected with COSMOPlat and internet factory. What do you think?



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