BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM   With the development of the science and technology, the smart phone becomes more and more intelligent. So there goes the question :”Does it really have the need of buying a special equipment for listening music? And does it really do help for the common lover of the pop music who use the high quality equipment to listen music?”

During the China International Consumer Electronics Fair in this year, Korean brand Avery and Astell&Kern have published three products. It included the next- generation new portable player  called AK70 MKII which was sold at 4988 RMB, the new Earbud headphones called Michelle Limited which was sold at 2988 RMB and the grasping equipment called AK CD-RIPPER MKII which was sold at 3688RMB.

At the sametimes , people start to consider that how it goes if they don’t have the special equipment in the smart era.

Because the smart phone usually sold at the price below 5000 RMB. And most of consumers will buy headphones because they think it will make themselves are looked cool. But there are also some people will buy the Earbud headphones, because it is convenient. Users usually don’t have very high expectations in the Earbud headphones.

It is said that Apple had put the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle off the shell at the end of the July 2017, these two products mainly were used to enjoy music as a portable player.

But there are some consumers still approve of buying a special equipment to listen songs. They think that as the professional Walkman, the AK70 MKII has large memory space and it can support various formats of audio files. To the point of the music lovers, the professional Walkman plays an important role in their life.

In fact, people also need an earphone in a noise place except for using it to listen music or broadcast. Some functional headphones usually could reduce noise.

However, there is also one thing deserved to say, some manufacturer has started to reduce the interface of smart equipment. For example, Apple has applied Lighting interface replace the 3.5mm headphone jack in the production of the iPhone7.

Professionals said that this will bring a change to Audiovisual industry, and everyone should follow this trend.



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