They Use Drones to Deliver Fast Food in China

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Still using your bare hand to get your fast food? Try another fashion way! In China, many people get their fast food from drones!

As the wave of smart technology grows, the fastest growing competition is in the drone field. With the entry of Internet giants, drones are gradually beginning to play a variety of roles in China. They use drone to deliver their fast food and their express package. With the help of drones, the Chinese logistics industry will enter the age of intelligence.1

JD, one of the biggest online retailers in China, has use their own drones in Xi’an. Nowadays, depending on the help of AI, drones can be used to replace the car for parcel delivery. Without car, the cost of delivery is significantly reduced, said by the JD general manager.

Except delivering the package, drones are also used in traffic control. Yesterday, with the help of drone, the traffic police in Jiangsu province sent the vehicles, which make up the emergency stop, back into the driveway. And thanks for that, the ambulance could arrived at the scene of the accident in time.2


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