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【Explosion Accident Occurred Frequently, What Fate Will iPhone 8 Have】

According the News, There were two explosion accident happened in US when the iPhone 8 were charging. Together with the accident which happened in China, Canada, Greek and Japan, there were totally ten accidents happened. The root cause of each accident still unclear now. Contrapose the swelling of the battery in the accident, Apple respond that the swelling of battery was neither a serious security incident, also have no relationship with the explosion accident.

The accident was a blow for the sale of iPhone 8. If the Apple has no concern about those accident, there will be the possibility that iPhone 8 will face the same fate of Samsung Note 7.

【The Problem of Japanese Manufacturing Industry is Practice Fraud】

In the 1980s, Japanese electronic products became popular all over the world. Till today, Japanese Manufacturing Industry was famous for their exquisite products and prudent attitude. However, in October 08, 2017,   Kobe Steel admitted the fact that they have tampered with the technical data of part of the product, and deliver it to customers. The defective products affect some 200 Japanese companies, including Toyota motor corp. and Mitsubishi heavy industries. Even though a part of Janpanese Shinkansen vehicle also has use.

Except of Kobe Steel, Toshiba has made a false report about their profit in July, 2015. The financial fraud scandal and the failure of the nuclear power business left Toshiba fall in the mud. For saving itself, Toshiba had to sale his flash memory business this year.

【Would Sacon Get His Honor Back】

In March, 2017, Sacon was sold to Sunrise Orient Corp for 735 million yuan. After that, Sacon’s sales rose 17.9 per cent year on year, with net profit of 41.47 million yuan.

Used to be one of the most powerful company of kitchen appliance, Sacon now couldn’t compare with FOTILE and Robam. In the industry’s view, the first half of this year’s performance of Sacon was slightly raised, but it doesn’t mean that the integration of Sunrise Orient Corp is effective. Sacon is hardly back in the first camp.


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