Oct.15. 2017 to Oct. 19. 2017, the 122nd Canton Fair, opened in Guangzhou. Canton Fair is China’s longest history, the highest level, the largest, the most complete types of goods, to the most merchants, the best effect of a comprehensive international trade event. According to the home network was informed that the show attracted more than 25,000 enterprises from around the world to come, the global businessmen in the rain into the show. The Canton Fair as China’s import and export trade barometer and weathervane, the focus of global commodity trading will focus on this exhibition.


Among them, at the 121nd Canton Fair, has produced six of the world’s first Haier Group also appeared in the exhibition. Through the new release area, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, kitchen appliances and other 10 exhibition, to the global display the cutting-edge technology of high-end products. Including F+Free Built in Refrigerator, Super Drum Series, All Comfort Cabinet and other products.


It is understood that the 122nd Canton Fair is precisely the first 30 years of exhibitors Haier. Unlike the previous Canton Fair, this year’s Haier Pavilion is more like a conference site, which is due to show all the products in the exhibition hall are almost all world-class technology. According to the site staff, Haier at the show released a variety of world-class high-end products, the average price of more than 20,000 yuan. Haier focused on the international markets of East Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and other regions, from January to August to achieve an export growth of 22% of the industry’s first results, to show the global achievements of Haier.


It is understood that in 1988, Haier in the Canton Fair only less than 5 square meters of half of the booth. From 5 square meters to today’s 500 square meters, Haier’s products have been all over the world. Since then, Haier’s global chess game has already begun preparations, 5 ㎡ not fit Haier want to become the world’s first brand ambition.


In the global market, “Made in China” is not uncommon, but “Chinese Brand” is very scarce.


With more than 30-year development, nowadays Haier Group has become one of the world leaders in the creation of refined and inspired living solution relating to a variety of fields, including home appliances, telecommunications, IT, electronics, home furnishings, logistic services, real estate , biopharmaceuticals, etc. Haier wrote in the invitation letter.


From “Made in China” to “Chinese Brand”, Haier is the only Chinese company with global label. Haier conquered the global market – 27% of the Australian market, 23% of the American market, 10% of the Asian market, 19% of the South Asian market, 10% of the Central African market, 3% of the European market. Haier has ranked no.1 global major appliance brand for 8 consecutive years.

Nowadays, the first to complete the layout of the Haier for Chinese enterprises to the world to provide a support platform.


Look forward to seeing you in the next few days, and will have an enjoyable experience with Haier, at the 122nd Canton Fair.



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