BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM Talking about the ‘busiest’ home appliance, your refrigerator may definitely get the prize. Running 24 hours a day, 365(366) days whole year, we can hardly image it’s broken, which all the store will say farewell to us.

As time went by, almost every kind of household became intellectual, they have a screen for us to choose the working pattern, and could connect with mobile phones that helps users to control them remotely. All these have come to reality in refrigerators nowadays, but one comment has risen, that what’s the future of refrigerators when it getting smarter?

The main purpose that people purchase a refrigerator is to keep and store staff, mainly food. That makes the aptitude in this area is more important than any other. Actually, we can tell that most of the refrigerators did an excellent job in freezing something, without making the meat chewy or losing the vitamin of vegetables.

Despite the food storing, some people may think that because of the screen and WIFI connecting, refrigerator can be the center of kitchen, such as ordering food and showing procedures of some dish.

What do you think? What can be the future refrigerator look like?


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