An era, to lead a trend. a generation of memories, there are always a few commendable classic. As occasionally listen to an old song, or will tears. But there is a business that it does not want to do a successful business, its ambition is to lead the classic and trend of each era, and it succeeds. It is Haier.


Haier’s success depends on the theory of “difficult to easy“, it insists on 30 years to the desolate no man’s land into a broad avenue, rather than in the crowded comfort zone, with inferior products trampling “Made in China” reputation.

Beijing time on October 19, the 122nd Canton Fair came to an end, Haier’s “new conference” is also a perfect ending. Data show that the Canton Fair has been held to the 61st, this is exactly the first 30 years of Haier exhibitors, the former development of “China’s first exhibition” and the world’s largest exhibition, the latter in the Canton Fair under the witness, step by step on the top of the world.


According to information, in 1988s, Haier in the Canton Fair only half of the booth, less than 5㎡, exhibitors only two people, only half a refrigerator stall; 30 years later, Haier booth area expanded 10 times. The more glamorous the surface, the more effort behind it. From 1985 is still the director of the refrigerator Zhang Ruimin actually smashed 76 sets of quality, but off the refrigerator, the quality of the first to become Haier’s “Door Regulation.” Haier always pursue the “sincere until forever” concept.

China has an ancient poetry, called “Lian Pao is already old and can eat? “. The fundamental way to determine whether an enterprise is old is whether the company is like a refrigerator it produces: “Lasting fresh“. Rely on the refrigerator from scratch Haier well versed in “lasting fresh” truth.

In the refrigerator product technology to achieve “lasting preservation” of Haier, in each era have left a deep imprint. But not addicted to this, continue to explore the next era of reclamation “wasteland”. 30 years ago, by the impact of reform and opening up, the sea is a popular wave of business, home appliances industry through  “plunge into the private business” to create wealth, but Haier’s choice is to brand to the world, which is mentioned at the beginning of the “difficult to easy”.

There is an old saying in China, “Whosoever  understands  the  times  is  great man. ” Some people say that  behind the times is loser . But China also has an old saying is that “the times produce their heroes.” In fact, Haier is hero, and it subversion of the times. because this road is the real needs of users, but the “world factory” to “made in China” to the “cheap” nightmare.

In a competitive relationship to defeat a business is not a competitor, but to see the trend. China’s export-oriented enterprises usually from India, Vietnam, Brazil and other developing countries overseas layout. In 1999, Haier directly in the United States to build factories, follow the standards of developed countries, standing on the origin of the world in the global range of arc.

Ancient China has a word called “He sits no sure that sits too high. ” But there is a word called “Nothing is difficult to the man who will try. ” Haier successfully got its “green card” to the top of the world, throw themselves into danger, forcing themselves and the developed countries of the enterprises on the same stage competition, thus becoming the “world’s first home appliance brand.” Dare to enter the no man’s land is worth learning example, and Haier’s “Sincere until forever” will be made to China’s global manufacturing.

A great ship asks deep waters, “Sincere, until forever” let Haier to the “forever”.




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