BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM If you are a devoted fan of Apple, the release of iPhone X may be the most exciting moment in your life, especially when the 8th generation apple mobile phone is facing a dangerous period.

What make us feel thrilled about iPhone X, is the design of full screen. According to the trend of super-size television, a simple but clear conclusion we can make is: human are visual, bigger the screen, like it more.

In smart phone market, the tendency between large screen size became much more obvious. Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and others, they all launched brand-new full-screen smart phone this year before Apple.

However, the standard of full screen may not be as clear as the trend, some brand increased the frame, but we can see there still a black frame surrounding the screen.

High competitive mobile phone market forced the manufacturers to make some changes, that’s really fascinating.


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