How many foreigners have heard of China’s own calendar, we call it “lunar calendar”. The lunar calendar is the traditional calendar of China, a large number of historical books recorded in the era of the Yellow Emperor began. It was 2698 years earlier than the Western calendar.And according to the lunar algorithm, the day before yesterday is frost, it belongs to one of The 24 Solar Terms. The so-called 24 solar terms, refers to the Chinese lunar calendar that the seasonal changes in the 24 specific season, is based on the Earth’s orbit change the location of the designated.


The 24 Solar Terms is a cognitive year in the seasonal, climate, phenology and other aspects of the formation of the law of knowledge system.

In the international meteorological community, twenty-four solar terms known as “China’s fifth largest invention.” It began in the “beginning of spring”, ending in the “big cold”, again and again. In China, most of the working people living in rural areas are on the basis of the lunar calendar, their role in 24 solar terms is very clear. Lunar is to guide people in the agricultural production of the compass, is the daily life of people predict the cold and rain compass, is the wisdom of the Han labor people accumulated crystallization.


For the description of Frosts Descent (18th solar term) Oct.23 or 24(ShuangJiang), there is an old saying in Chinese: “The maple leaves that have been beaten are red even more than the flowers in February.” After the Frosts Descent, walking on the way to work will be found, maple trees and other trees in the autumn frost soothing to start the mountains and plains into red and yellow. The arrival of this day means that the fall will be over and the winter will be near. After the Frosts Descent, people will travel outdoors, feel the cool autumn.


Just on this Saturday, there is also a mountaineering festival. In the lunar calendar, the annual lunar calendar is Chinese traditional festivals: the “Chong Yang Festival” (the Double Ninth Festival) is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, and it is as such known as the Double Ninth Festival. The festival following as early as the Warring States Period (475 – 221 BC). According to the yin / yang dichotomy that forms a basis to the Chinese world view, yin represents the elements of darkness and yā represents life and brightness . “The number ninth is the first month of the first month is a double yang day, hence the name” Chong Yang Festival “. (Chong means” repeat “in Chinese.)

This is also documented in ancient books. In the ancient classics “Book of Changes”, the ancients think “6” is Yin, “9” is Yang.

China has a word called: Among all the virtues, filial piety is the best.So the “Chong Yang Festival” is also the “Old Men Festival.” Chrysanthemum Festival (in ancient customs, chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity). The people think that the ninth day of September is a troubled day, people will travel on this day, flowers, climb, far The People also wear Cassia on the body, known as “cornel” in China, which is considered to be a plant that can ward off evil spirits. It is also the traditional custom to wear cornel and admire chrysanthemums. This day is also known as ” go for an outing in autumn “, with the annual Lunar New Year on March 3 to take care of each other. March 3 is a ” go for an outing in spring”.


The Double Ninth Festival is also a time for family get-togethers, they can reaffirm their love and concern for family members. Every year Chong Yang Festival, people will miss the enemy. Therefore, Wang Wei, also miss the hometown and relatives of the Tang Dynasty poet, wrote a poem: ” We are away from home alone, by others known as ‘from the distant guests of the East’, our hearts inevitably a little bleak. So every time Chung Yeung Festival, I even miss distant relatives, think of my brothers wearing ‘semen cassiae torae’ boarded the mountains, overlooking the distance. At this time I am in a foreign land and can not go home with their reunion, they will feel sorry for it.”

If you are also in a foreign country and a foreign land, laughter around the festive atmosphere, at this time you are alone, drinking boring wine. Please be sure to remember to spend two seconds, took out the pocket of the phone, to the distant hometown dial a phone call it. You can tell your parents, you have a good time in a foreign land: “I am very good.” If you are not in a foreign land, please go home early.



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