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[Amazon Key: get your packages securely delivered just inside the front door]

When you’re away from home, but the package you ordered is about to deliver, what could you do? Amazon Key help you to figure out.

You may ask the delivery driver to unlock the door and put package in the front door. In order to keep safe, customer could watch the delivery live in the Amazon Key App or see a video of it later.

Except this, this kind of work may also provide professional service, such as cleaning the house.


[Xiaomi shipped more than 4 million smartphones in India, during the festive season]

In one month, date between September 20 and October 19, Xiaomi has hipped more than four million smartphones in its Indian market.

Some critics may think Xiaomi can reach a greater heights in this country in the future, cause Counterpoint Research firm have revealed that Xiaomi is the second largest smartphone brand in India recently.


[McDonald’s changed its name, called itself ‘Golden Arches’ in China]

According to Reuters, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains McDonald’s changed its name in China to one that reflects the chain’s main logo: “Golden Arches (China) Co Ltd”.

Actually, it sounds really different in Chinese, so many people may get confused.

However, the food may stay the same, not much difference may rise.





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