“Double eleven”, a singles day in china, is an entertainment festival which spreads to young people. Chinese singles day is first produced on campus, and then it is spread through the network and other media, gradually there formed the culture of bachelor.

As for the origin of the singles, it is still a myth. there are all kinds of speculation and ideas for singles, what is widely accepted by Chinese is that it originated in Nanjing University’s dormitory culture. It was said that four single men discussed how to get rid of bachelor status during night, and then they came up with idea to regard the upcoming November 11 as “singles day” and organize activities.

Nowadays, with a group of students bid farewell to the campus, this festival is gradually brought into society, a lot of single young people get together to celebrate this festival.

And with online shopping getting more and more popular, there are so many promotion online, what’s more ,in order to increase sales , Large-scale e-commerce sites will generally use this day to carry out some large-scale discount promotions,” November 11” become china’s largest internet business activities, it just like “black Friday” in western.



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