“adverse reactions” of iPhone X

There is no doubt that iPhone X is a hugely diverse generation in the iPhone family. The screen ratio, Home button and fingerprint recognition with which we are already familiar have disappeared. However, face ID, the new screen shape and gestures bring people a very different experience. IPhone X brings freshness and fun to people,... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Day in China

Thanksgiving Day, which originated in western countries, is always in the last Thursday of November. In western country, people will church thanksgiving pray in this day. As well, there are costumes and parades, theater shows or sport competitions in urban and rural areas. People will get together to celebrate this day, and there are some... Continue Reading →

New retail is getting more and more popular

Nowadays new retail is so popular, what is new retail? Generally, it means enterprises upgrade the production of goods, circulation and sales process through the big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology and reshape the business structure and ecosystem. As well, it’s a new retail model which is the integration of online services, off-line... Continue Reading →

Hisense and Toshiba 40-year agreement can be maintained for several years?

In 2004, TCL, a Chinese company, acquired the Thomson TV and Alcatel mobile phone business, opening the door to large-scale overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese household appliances enterprises. In recent years, multinational mergers and acquisitions and already very skilled Chinese companies have adopted this strategy to open up an international road, from China, "Consortium"... Continue Reading →

Tired Double 11:Facts Don’t Affect Our Decisions

11.11, China's largest consumer shopping carnival, foreign friends familiar with China's consumption environment may have heard of it. And this year's Double 11, because of its marketing strategy is extremely test of consumer IQ, probably The most consumers criticized the session. For this promotional chaos, China's official Xinhua news agency author commented that why can... Continue Reading →

News of Week(11.06-11.10.17)

[这个周末会有双11的] 在中国被称为黑色星期五的双11在美国。那一天,中国人会上网购物。电子商务平台将提供许多折扣和折扣。 [中美经贸合作达2535亿美元] 根据中国商务部的消息,周四,中美经贸合作达到2535亿美元。这相当于智利和芬兰等国家一年的国内生产总值。它也占美国18万亿美元经济的1.4%。 这一次,中国对美国的订单主要集中在能源,商品和基础设施方面 [五大智能手机出货量占中国市场82.5%] 据IDC最新研究报告显示,2017年第三季度全球智能手机出货量达3.731亿部,较2016年同期的3.64亿部增长2.7%。三星,苹果,华为,OPPO和mi等排名前五位,都增加了他们的出货量。 回到中国智能手机市场,根据Counterpoint在第三季度中国智能手机市场发布的调查,OPPO,华为,vivo,mi和apple等前五大品牌占据了市场的82.5%。其他手机制造商要么抢占市场的低端,要么寻求差异化的需求。可惜的是,他们的利润太薄了。 

Big News to Chinese Automobile Market

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM For Chinese environment, Chinese government plan to implement the “Double integral policy” on April 1, 2018. Even though that day is April Fools' Day, but for most of automobile manufacturers and importers, that was not a joke.   According to the announcement of Chinese government, the traditional passenger car companies with annual or... Continue Reading →

You Have Black Friday, We Have Double-11

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM At this weekend, if you have a Chinese girlfriend, you will find that she is shopping on the Internet with crazy. Don’t be afraid, she is find. The reason that your Chinese girl got crazy is that day is Chinese Black Friday: Double-11.   Famous as Singles Day in the west, November 11... Continue Reading →

News of week(10.30-11.3.17)

BY ORIENTAL HEAUS.COM To understand the world in a better, wiser way, that’s the news you won’t want to miss. Can iPhone X sale save iPhone’s middle-aged crisis? A few days ago, iPhone X which equipped with a full screen began to snap up. As it was reported by media, the sales on the E-commerce... Continue Reading →

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