Recently, the famous fast food enterprise- McDonald’s accidentally became popular. The message that McDonald’s (china) renamed the “Golden Arches” have been known by a lot of internet users, some users have said that it’s too hasty if McDonald’s (china) just want to cater to the Chinese market, at the same time, others have said “Golden Arches” this name will definitely affect the McDonald’s sales in china.

As for this, McDonald’s said that this change is mainly at the level of the license, and the day-to-day business will not be affected. At the same time, such as McDonald’s restaurant name, food safety standards, and operational process etc will constant.

At the beginning McDonald’s entry into china adopt the high-end strategy, McDonald’s is a very common mass snack from itself positioning, but in china, McDonald’s is a foreign fast food high-end brand. In order to maintain this high-end positioning, McDonald’s have been struggled a lot, and this image is deeply rooted in Chinese people’s mind.



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