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Can iPhone X sale save iPhone’s middle-aged crisis?

A few days ago, iPhone X which equipped with a full screen began to snap up. As it was reported by media, the sales on the E-commerce platform are very hot, but the sales on iPhone’s official website is on the contrary. So that so many people are doubted by the sales of iPhone X.

Sony is expected to hit the best performance in 20 years, relying on PS4 and IP services

There is no doubt that Sony gets a lot of profits from PlayStation 4 and software, as well as, the sales of its games and network services also bring a great deal of profit to Sony. IP-related business also contributed to the growth of Sony’s performance. Some people think Sony is expected to set the best record in history in 2017, some media even put forward the view of “Sony resurrection” at the conference. But one of the leader of Sony said that Sony should be operating with the company’s ability to grow and survive the tension.

India becomes the second largest mobile phone market, Smart Voice Assistant also learn Hindi English.

According to the Canalys’ smart phone market report for the third quarter, compared to the previous quarter, India handset sales in this quarter increased by 23%, more than 40 million units. India become the world’s second largest mobile phone market after china. More and more Indians use smart devices, in order to sell smart services to Indian consumers ,Alexa, Amazon’s smart voice assistant ,also started learning Hindi English .



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