At this weekend, if you have a Chinese girlfriend, you will find that she is shopping on the Internet with crazy. Don’t be afraid, she is find. The reason that your Chinese girl got crazy is that day is Chinese Black Friday: Double-11.


Famous as Singles Day in the west, November 11 is called Double-11 in China. On that day, the goods in e-commerce platform would be sold at a lower price than usual. Among of them, the price of food and cosmetics has fallen the most. As a result, since 2009, the Chinese netizen especially female netizen celebrate the Double-11 every year. Last year, the transaction volume of Alibaba was 12.7 billion RMB, up 32% from a year earlier. That number is 1.7 times than the transaction volume of American Black Friday in 2015.


But, thanks for the electronic commerce network payment, Chinese people could join into the Black Friday. In the other hand, American people could join into the Double-11 to buy some special Chinese goods. Now this two festival become more and more international.


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