For Chinese environment, Chinese government plan to implement the “Double integral policy” on April 1, 2018. Even though that day is April Fools’ Day, but for most of automobile manufacturers and importers, that was not a joke.


According to the announcement of Chinese government, the traditional passenger car companies with annual or import volumes of more than 30,000 vehicles was required that they need to produce or import a certain proportion of the new energy passenger vehicles. A car company’s production of new energy vehicles should reach 8% of the total production in 2018, 10% in 2019 and 12% in 2020. The car companies in Chinese automobile market should deliver their report about the situation of new energy vehicles production. Companies that fail to pass the inspection of Chinese government will get punishment.


There is no doubt that this new policy is a big bomb to the Chinese automobile market. Most of automobile manufacturers felt great pressure. Some of them, like BYD, have experience of producing new energy vehicles, could exchange their policy to profit. But the other traditional company’s profit will be affected.


In the other hand, for the traditional companies, changing their mode of production will cost a lot of money. However, Chinese technology of hydrogen station still need to improve.


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