In 2004, TCL, a Chinese company, acquired the Thomson TV and Alcatel mobile phone business, opening the door to large-scale overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese household appliances enterprises. In recent years, multinational mergers and acquisitions and already very skilled Chinese companies have adopted this strategy to open up an international road, from China, “Consortium” is particularly fond of foreign-funded enterprises abandoned appliance business recycling. Such as Haier Group for $ 5.4 billion bought GEA, and the Japanese brand AQUA, New Zealand Fisher&Paykel; A few years ago, Skyworth , the domestic TV company , acquired Sinotec in South Africa and the German home appliance brand Metz; Media acquired Kuka of German, Clivet of Italy, Servotronix of Israel, Eureka of North America, and Toshiba Appliance industry.

Toshiba executives once on a large-scale restructuring of the company’s home appliance business, but eventually in China, South Korea under the chase of new business decline. Japanese star Toshiba continued to sell its loss-making business, this time it transferred its TVS to Hisense, a Chinese TV company. On November 14, Hisense spent JPY 12.9 billion to acquire a 95% stake in TVS. Upon completion of the transfer, Hisense will have the Toshiba TV products, brands, operations services and other businesses, and Toshiba TV has the world’s 40-year brand license. The acquisition marks Toshiba will officially withdraw from the field of consumer electronics.

Toshiba is not the first time to divest assets, Hisense is not the first time through the brand name of Japanese companies to enhance their influence in the global home appliance market. In 2015, Hisense came out of the $ 23.7 million takeover of the entire equity and assets of the Sharp Mexico plant, while Hisense will receive the Sharp TV Americas regional brand rights and all channel resources. Subsequently, Foxconn acquired Sharp, the latter in order to regain the North American market Hisense will repeatedly court.

Domestic analysts believe that because sooner or later Sharp will regain the brand license from Hisense, so the acquisition of Toshiba TV business Hisense ahead of time to prepare an alternative to Sharp’s option, and this option is just want to bid farewell Toshiba home appliances market.

Analysts believe that in the cross-border mergers and acquisitions in China, especially Japanese companies the most “cunning.” In the Chinese market, Toshiba also handed over TV rights to TCL and later “indirectly” handed over all of the white-electricity business in the Chinese market to the Media Group. It now sells Hisense, the core asset of the television business, and the Toshiba TJP plant in Indonesia was sold to Skyworth in December 2015. A brand, almost sold to China’s many giants. At present, Toshiba has also withdrawn from the North American TV market.

The $ 110 million low-cost transfer, so that we see the Toshiba TV business devaluation is accelerating in recent years. Recently, Toshiba executives have announced that they will consider various means including the transfer of personal computer and television assets to improve operational efficiency and address the current dilemma of Toshiba. Last year, some people in the industry pointed out that Toshiba’s computer business gradually disappeared in the world and the transfer of foreign affairs was only a matter of time. The industry believes that, Hisense want to play Toshiba 142 years of the advantages I am afraid it is no longer possible, can only consume Toshiba remaining brand heat, in order to gain additional benefits.

After Sharp, Toshiba home appliance business has become a Chinese brand, but how much surplus value can it be used?



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